Hello and welcome to our website.
We greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ! We are glad you made it here!

We are a Bible-centered new testament church founded in 2005 located in DeSoto, Texas, USA.

We were organized as a Calvary African Bible Church in December 23, 2005. It was during this “vision casting meeting” that Bishop (then Pastor Dr. Sterling Lands, II of Greater Calvary Bible Church-Austin, Texas) shared what God had instructed him with regards to starting a ministry within the Dallas, TX area. This ministry would be one that taught the uncompromised and encouraging Bible principles of Salvation, Education, Liberation, Dedication and Exaltation of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ! This would be a church used by God to combat the materialism, and narcissism fostered by the world. We would encourage church membership (even if it wasn’t our church), and unselfish servanthood unto Christ. Like minded individuals were invited to attend this “meeting” and prayer service held at 1204 Turtlepoint Ct. in DeSoto, TX., then home of members William and Ne’Shaun Jones. The first meetings were bible studies attended by various former-members of Greater Calvary Bible Church of Austin,TX who had recently relocated to Dallas County, as well as numerous new individuals and families who would periodically visit. These bible studies would be hosted throughout the homes of these members, rotating weekly over the course of 3 months. In April of 2006, the location of the Bible Study was finalized to be the home of William and Ne’Shaun Jones. As the Bible Study and the spiritual devolopment of it’s membership grew, the call of God to move forward with full church services was answered by Pastor Sterling Lands, II.
Our first Sunday morning service was held on July 9, 2006. 12 individuals attended this first service and were excited with what God was doing!
In August of 2006, the name changed to First African Bible Church. “First African”, because we were the very first African bible church in Dallas county; “Bible” because that was the foundation upon which we preach and live our lives and church because of who we are (Church was derived from the Greek word Ekklessia for the “Called out ones”… a body of believers who choose to congregate together).
In October of 2006 we held our first baptismal service in Austin,TX whereby Brothers Bruce Miller and Chris Thomas were baptized. We also saw the ordination of our first three Elders of the Church: Elder William D. Jones (ordained and licensed Elder and Minister), Christopher Thomas (Elder and Deacon), and Kyle Miller (Elder and Deacon). These would be added to the list of previously ordained church leaders: Dr. Madeline Thomas (Elder and Deaconess), Ne’Shaun L. Jones (Elder and licensed and ordained Minister), Tamra Nalls (Elder and Deaconess).
In April of 2008, FABC moved to it’s first church building located at 1101 E. Wintergreen Rd. in Cedarhill, TX. This was a warehouse.
Our first Gospel music concert was held at this new location. The event was entitled The Gospel Jam Explosion. Approximately 100 individuals attended.
Under the Leadership of Dr. Sterling Lands, II, our name changed in August 2008 to be Family Life Bible Church. Under the direction of God, this name change would be indicative and consistent with our ministry focus of Christ centered families, learning the truth, living free, serving one another and worshipping God. Elder William Jones was named Resident Pastor of Family Life Bible Church. Pastor Dr. Sterling Lands, II was named Bishop Elect of Family Life Bible Church International Fellowship Incorporated.
On March 28, 2009, we held our first baby dedication service. Brother William Zachariah D. Jones, V was dedicated.
June of 2009, Elder William Jones named Overseer Elect of Family Life Bible Church Fellowship.
In April, 2010, Family Life Bible Church transitioned to our current location, 104 Chowning Dr., Ste.# 110, DeSoto, TX. That same month the first Pastoral Anniversary and Appreciation Service was held. Our current membership has grown spiritually and numerically, 5 added in August, 7 in September, 2 more in November and more yet to come. We look forward to being used to growing families in Christ in 2011. Our God is an Awesome God!!!

We are an independent Non-denominational Bible church.
We are committed to New Testament doctrine and practice.
We are committed to Bible preaching, teaching and living as a priority.
We are committed to training believers in order to equip them for ministry.
We are committed to building Christ centered families.
We are committed to character centered youth development.


We work to save the lost, educate the saved, liberate the educated, serve the Saints and worship God.

The Family Life Bible Church is an active member of the Family Life Bible Church International Fellowship Incorporated.

We are a worshiping community, a witnessing community, and a working community. Our charge is to evangelize the world, to edify the body and to exalt the Lord.

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